Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2008

Feedback on Memory Analyzer @ Java One 2008


I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everybody who joined our technical session at Java One 2008 - "Automated Heap Dump Analysis for Developers, Testers, and Support Employees".
I was very happy to see more than 400 people in the room, despite of the fact that the session was in the afternoon of the very last day of the conference. Thank you! It was a real pleasure for us the speakers.

As a project that is relatively new at Eclipse (was recently contributed by SAP) we are very interested to get some feedback from you - both about our JavaOne session and about the tool.

So I hope that we can get some comments added to this blog from the people who saw the session @ Java One and want to spend several minutes to give us their valuable opinion.

And for any feedback, suggestions or comments on the tool itself, please use our newsgroups.

For anybody who is interested in the topic and in the Memory Analyzer tool, but didn't have the chance to play with it yet - our project page is

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